New Conference Module


Focusing on larger venues, conference centres or theatres, we are now launching a brand-new Conference module.
This module allows venues to create more complex bookings for events with hundreds of persons.
It includes an interactive 3D image of the venue map to select available meeting rooms, create combinations and setup the event in the most efficient way possible. Rooms can be divided in different types of rooms (e.g. main rooms and break-out rooms). Items and package deals can be assigned at room level with discounts applicable to each item. Furthermore the Conference module introduces an extensive cost overview – with items divided in item groups – and a roadmap which displays the schedule for the entire event. This new upgrade will answer the need of big venues and is especially designed for conference centres.
Curious? We would be delighted to show you more details by scheduling a demo.


The Village Hotels group (UK) has now launched their meeting room online booking system with LetShare.

‘Let Village take the stress out of booking your small meetings for up to 16 people with our simple click & book system’ – This is the Village’s Hotels recommendation to their online customers as they can now use LetShare booking system and get their meeting rooms booked, with a selection of packages and paid, without wasting time waiting for a quote.

The Village Hotels now has their online meeting rooms available in all 28 locations across the UK. This is a great example of a successful costumer.

Rob Paterson, Commercial Director at Village Hotels quotes:
“Our business is far more cost efficient since deploying LetShare in a business that delivers multi millions in meetings and events business”

The group replaced their event management system with LetShare 12 months ago. Letshare EMS allows their team to fully manage direct and now the online bookings from enquiry to contract across all properties. All bookings at Village from a small day meeting to large conventions and wedding events are fully managed in LetShare.





New Partners – Sao Paulo, Brazil

We are proud to announce we have a new partnership with – ‘Laissez Faire’ – based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
The ‘Laissez faire’ team is made by Carolina Casimiro and Paula Cunha and they have both been working on the hospitality market around the globe.
Paula Cunha, from Maceió/AL, Brazil. Studied at Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, Switzerland (Bachelor’s Degree with major in Marketing). Specialist in business relationship and clients prospection in new markets, worked as Sales Manager in B2B fields, at B.I Intenational and MPZ trade.
Carolina Casimiro from São Paulo/SP – Brazil has technical certificate in Marketing (Faculdade e Colégio Mário de Adrade-SP / Insper-SP) and also Bachelor’s Degree with major in General Tourism Management, Planning and Heritage ( University of São Paulo – USP). Experience in general management, acquired by her work at SABESP, the largest waste management company in the world by market capitalization and Fundação Seade, a governmental company focused on analysis and dissemination of socio- economic information about the state of São Paulo.