The best solution to manage
meeting rooms.

  • Multi-property
  • Group proposals for rooms and meeting rooms
  • No training needed, super user friendly
  • Platform as a service for enterprise brands
  • AI ready
  • Online Booking

Operating with the best hotels in the world, since 2011.

Multi-platform, no installations required. Available in SaaS and PaaS.

No user limit


Easy to use

Cloud based

GDPR ready

Online Booking 

Quick to implement

Introducing a new system can consume a lot of energy. Letshare was designed to manage meeting rooms in simple and intuitive way! With a few hours of use, the whole team can master the system!

Improve operation control

Hotel directors always need detailed information on their operation. Letshare facilitates the work of the team to deliver all information about the meeting rooms and allows those responsible to receive daily reports of the operation and also forecasts

Letshare ems. Better Clientes
Get clients from the best segment

The corporate market has twice the value of the leisure market. With Letshare you can have your meeting rooms available online, attract this market, increase your occupancy rate and improve your hotel's return.

Planning Board

Watch the entire activity of your meeting rooms at once: daily, weekly or monthly view of occupancy rates and your appointments – confirmed, paid, optional and cancelled. Everything about your meeting rooms in one place.

• A complete picture of the hotel business activity
Libraries and reports

Create libraries of rooms, meeting rooms, items or package deals, defining it according to your own conditions. Download reports to use in daily management or to analyze the evolution of your business.

• Configure everything that matters to your business.
Letshare EMS promos

Offer special discounts to your customers. Create promotional codes that can be distributed through social networks or email. Assign discounts for your meeting rooms in specific days to stimulate bookings and thus improve your occupancy rates. Letshare can help  your marketing and communication efforts.

• Take advantage of social networks with what EMS allows you to do


Make it easy to work with those who can upgrade your occupancy rates!

Travel agents and operators are important partners who can bring clients to hotels. For this reason, Letshare has developed a LETSHARE module especially for them in order to encourage the relation with the Hotel, facilitate management between customers and optimize processes from both sides. It can be used by professional booking agents or secretarial staff of enterprise clients.


• Introduces the operator as a direct booker.
• Assigns the negotiated discount.
• Assigns the inventory.
• Establishes deadlines for inventory.
• Controls all appointments being made.
• Observes the entire commercial process.
• Checks the sales value of the operator.


• Checks inventory available.

• Checks the terms of resale.
• 24/7 option to book directly into the hotels inventory

• Distributes its customers among the various hotels  connected with Letshare, according to their availability and conditions.

Connect with the best.

Letshare was designed to ease the connection with other systems allowing your hotel to create the perfect solution to manage it. The best online meeting room management system working with the best systems available for each specific area.

Letshare EMS API_conectivity



Increase revenue

Access the meeting rooms online booking engine on your website and generate a direct channel to increase sales and as a service to their clients.

Cost reduction

Letshare offers direct cost savings with the team, freeing them up for more customer facing tasks.


Next generation software

LetShare provides stability, fastness and a high connectivity with any other systems.


A timeless solution

LetShare meeting room online booking is available 24/7, in continuous improvement

What is a PaaS? Platform as a Service

Have your own platform!

At LetShare we offer the opportunity to Buy a copy of the software.

If you’re a large organisation and you have a large number of meeting rooms, e.g., 300 meeting rooms, your annual license fee can be quite substantial. You could consider building a dedicated solution for your own organisation. This is, however, expensive and not easy to implement; not to mention the time it will take to create a proper system.

We know from experience, and with a second version on the market, that this is not an easy task. We went through this process ourselves and created a solid solution. By buying a copy you have a proven product without future license fees. Note that you will have to maintain this solution, and, as we do at LetShare, keep innovating. As a large hotel group, you can do this on your own, or we can do this for you. 

You need to have quite a few meeting rooms, since you have to consider the purchase price vs. an annual license fee. You will also need a tech team to provide the maintenance for the platform and keep innovating it.

O que é PaaS? Platform as a Service

Since 2014 Letshare is the only system specifically to manage meeting rooms in hotels. It has been improved and can also be used by other types of organizations that also have meeting rooms, maintaining however the features specifically developed for the hotel industry over the years.

Yes, very much. For several reasons: because it will increase the occupancy rates of these meeting rooms, it allows the use of the meeting rooms as a way to attract new and better customers (cross selling) and to develop new forms of making business, with meetings, events and even new experiences for your guests.

No. Letshare was designed for hotels with hundreds of meeting rooms, as well as for hotels with just one. In addition, with Letshare it becomes possible to use meeting rooms that do not belong to the hotel but with whom the hotel can develop partnerships.

Imagine, for example, that you have, next to the Hotel, a co-work or a small theater where conferences can be held. If you make a commercial agreement with these spaces, you can place them on Letshare and thus increase your hotel's offer with these meeting rooms, benefiting from increased revenue, improved convenience for your customers and cross-selling your rooms.

Yes. Letshare is a multi-property system. That means you can add multiple hotels with their meeting rooms and manage everything from Letshare. You can also set permissions for your team to see a single location or all hotels, depending on the level of responsibility you want to assign.

Yes. Letshare was structured exactly with the philosophy of being easy to connect with other systems. If the system you intend to connect allows Letshare can connect.

Yes, you can. As many package deals as you like. Breakfast, lunch or any other offer, when you choose the meeting room to be placed in online booking, you only have to associate the package or packages you want so that your customers can choose the room with the most adequate package deal.

Yes. Letshare has several types of reports. You can take all available bookings within the time interval of your choice, filtering by status (cancelled, confirmed or optional) making it possible to compare the various statuses.

Yes. With a few clicks, Letshare allows to get a report with all meeting room bookings, including items and package deals, from the selected day onwards. That is, a forecast of all future sales in the system.

A system designed to deliver clients!

Letshare was designed to be stable, fast, easy to use and to connect with other systems. But it was mainly designed to bring customers to the hotels, by improving the management of the meeting rooms, either through its online booking engine, the promotions and discounts tools or the connection with the tour operators module.

LetShare for meeting rooms news 01

With LetShare, managers are able to monitor reservations, understand the dynamics of lounge use, in addition to integrating with other areas of the hotel, such as food and accommodation, scaling demand for all areas involved as well as optimizing the process.

LetShare for meeting rooms news 2

"Our goal is to make the customer's journey faster and more efficient, enabling them to find, in one place, all the options to hold their corporate meeting in a more integrated and personalized way, according to their demand", says Michael Nagy , director of sales at Fairmont Rio.

LetShare for meeting rooms news 3

Fairmont Rio adopts this tool as a strategy to increase conversion efficiency by 50%, surpassing 2022, which has already brought good results for the enterprise. Last year alone, more than 90 million Reais were quoted with 1108 budget requests, with an event conversion rate of 42%.


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